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Scott Vancea - Film Actor - Biography

Among so many famous actors of Hollywood  Scott Vancea is also one of them who is very famous in the Hollywood industry also known as Kingswell Common belongs to California, United States of America. He has done schooling from Lori Pearlstein Acting School, Toronto. He started his career as a theater actor from childhood. But now Scott Vancea grew up in the field of  improvisation and theater by participating in plays and musical theater from elementary school through to college. He has done so many dramas and plays in collage time and also achieved so many awards in theater.

Scott has worked primarily in theater but also in daytime feature films and commercials. He has also done so many popular TV shows General Hospital TV series (2004-2016). General Hospital was a American television medical drama show which is listed in Guinness World Records as the longest time-running American soap opera in production. This show was very famous in American history and was the second longest-running drama in television after Guiding Light. This show was created by the Frank and Doris Hursely. The medical definition of the General Hospital is, a hospital in which patients with many different types of diseases are given care. General Hospital has honored with the Emmy award for fabulous drama. General Hospital has also won a number of awards for their excellent performance in TV. 

Scott Vancea has worked in many cities like Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Vancouver and Montreal. He has worked with so many famous stars of Hollywood like Mantha Balourdou, Mantha Balourdou, Vanoy Burnough etc. and one of the famous movie which was liked by the people was We Ate the Children Last which was  directed by the popular director Andrew Cividino and released in  1 July 2011 (Canada). The star cast of the movie was David Disher, Ryan Ward, Scott Vancea, Frank Longo etc. The music of the film was directed by Chris Thornborrow.

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